Being a woman, a nursing professional, and working in the community sphere increased the risk of moral distress (MD), according to a study by the University of Cordoba carried out among more than 500 professionals with the Public Health Service of Andalusia in a period immediately after the COVID-19 PANDEMIC

A new study manages to produce a prototype of a more durable material that increases the biodegradability of food packaging, partially replacing its bioplastic with cellulose fibers extracted from the branches and leaves of the avocado tree

Martes, 07 Mayo 2024 08:53

Roman Lead was Cordovan

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Three ingots from the site of Los Escoriales de Doña Rama (Belmez) and dating from the Roman era demonstrate the importance of lead production and exportation in northern Cordoba

A study by the University of Cordoba analyzes trends in the blooming patterns of the genus Quercus in Andalusia, using pollen concentrations in the air and  confirming their effects on allergies

UCO researcher Manuel de la Estrella is part of an international team, led by the Kew Botanical Gardens, which has developed the "tree of life" of flowering plants as a tool with a multitude of uses, from the classification and identification of plants, to conservation in the face of climate change

A team at the University of Cordoba has developed a methodology that defines the cultivable space between two-axis photovoltaic modules, with the aim of promoting the conversion of existing plants over to agrivoltaic production

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